Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I was going through my Insagram feed today and went all the way back to the beginning of my feed. I love the my phone allows me to document moments I'm unable to with a large, cumbersome camera. For me, taking photos is about storytelling. It's about being able to go back through old photos and remember the intense highs and lows I was feeling during that time, the people who stood beside me, and the places I saw. It's about placing more value in experiences than anything else. 

You can find my on Instagram under my usual handle of @LittleGhostCreations. Here are some of my favorite photos from the last few years:

A little pink house under a stormy sky today/Cam and I went to Remedy where he treated me to vegan curry chicken and then we explored some free galleries in my neighborhood which inspired us to head to my home and paint for the evening

A grain elevator in rural Alberta that I sat by and painted while people in trucks slowed to a crawl and stared at my as they drove by, seemingly baffled by my presence as a then blue haired girl painting in the country

Some garbage bins mocking me as I took a particularly sad-girl walk where I was feeling particularly devastated about having to give up my dog months before/walking changed for me for a while

An abandoned house by a gas station that I explored with my ex who I met in photography school/I'd forgotten where it was and for years searched for it until a few weeks ago where my friend pointed it out to me in passing as we drove to his farm

Colin Meloy being his amazing self as my sister and I sat in the front row for The Decemberists' first ever Edmonton show

A cotton candy stand at a fair in a small town parking lot

Frank Turner wowing me as I heard his music for the first time

 A barn staring back at me this past winter as I took emotional refuge at my parents' farm

A pile of wood at my photographer ex's Slave Lake home/I distinctly remember wanting to chop wood too and him not letting me and me getting very upset

 Father John Misty this past summer at The Orpheum Theater in Vancouver/After two songs I saw several people inching away from their seats so I grabbed my friend's hand and pulled our group up front/The rest of the lower level crowd followed and his show became even more amazing up close

One of my dearest friends posing for me in an antique store

The same dork getting very excited at The Beaty Museum in Vancouver/He's a taxidermy lover and has given me several skulls and furs from his farm (all dead due to natural causes or found lying about in the country)

Driving to Vancouver with an ex boyfriend for one of the top two worst trips of my life (the other one was also with an ex to Arizona with his ex girlfriend whom he still loved)/On the bright side these awful trips showed me that I needed to leave and I'm grateful for those doorways they provided

Happily in Vancouver on the beach with two lovely humans who helped make this trip my very best so far

I finally bought a new cable for my record player that had sat dormant for over a year/I use it almost every day now

A ram and his sheep at my friend's farm

Painting near my parents' farm/this painting now resides on my friend Em's wall

Walking through corn fields

Now and then I post photos of my food on Instagram/It took me 2 years to perfect a vegan mac & cheese recipe that I really like

Finally seeing The Kills at The Vogue Theater in Vancouver after being a fan for approximately 13 years/I met Allison and Jamie after the show and was given a signed set list

Jamie Hince is tied with Jack White for my favorite guitar player in the world/He should have been in It Might Get Loud instead of The Edge (my big brother will disagree)

Playing in the ocean at Wreck Beach with some of my favorite people/This trip really cemented my friendships with Cam and Hannah who if they ever read this, should know that I'm incredibly grateful for their presence in my life and their constant inspiration and confidence in my abilities

Dreaming of the ocean and using my imagination

Stumbling across eggs on the beach at Lesser Slave Lake

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