Monday, May 21, 2012


Mya is such a sweetheart! She was one of the most well behaved children I have ever photographed and apart from during the occasional spill on her already scraped knees, was smiling the whole time.

Krista & Shane Are Engaged!

Krista and Shane are such cute lovebirds. Here are some ring shots in celebration of their engagement! We'll be heading out to their hometown of Slave Lake in June for their portraits.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


It is always such a wonderful experience to work with a friend, like Jason Purcell, on a professional level and enjoy the outcome. We both had a great time outside all day. Jason hired me to help him with photographs for his Ep and first solo album that will be coming out later this year. He wanted some simple but beautiful shots that represent him as an introvert, a Canadian, and from my perspective, one of the kindest young men I know. Here are some of the photos from our session yesterday.

Furry Friends

Almost every time I'm on a shoot a furry or feathered creature comes to say hello. They want their portraits taken too!