Sunday, August 28, 2016


"Enjoy your life." Take care of those you love, but take care of yourself too. Live wherever makes you feel happy and alive and never feel like you are settling. Live everywhere, and never explain why you don't want what they want. Give your limited free time only to those who make you laugh and give you in return what you give them. Find stories and people and places that wake you up. Hold fast when it comes to what's most important to you. Those who mock or manipulate are not worth your tears. Focus on kindness and do not lose yourself in cities filled with ego. Work hard for what you want and when you're tired, work even harder. Love wholly and with trust and do not hesitate because of your past. Be smart, but do not be afraid. Walk to the edge and lean forward and feel your heart pound in your chest. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Matt & Erin

I am so grateful I got the chance to spend the day with Matt and Erin. Matt has been one of my closest friends ever, despite only knowing one another for one year, and it feels like he and all of us who love him have been waiting for Erin for a very long time. These two could not be more perfect for one another. I remember hearing all about Erin, the talented artist and cutie pie who was (is) somehow also tough and strong, for weeks before the two started getting closer. I was such a giddy idiot loving every moment watching this love story unfold. I adore you both so much! Thank you for everything you do for me, and for each other. Watching you two create art and crafts together and making one another laugh, blush, and bring out the best in one another is simply one of the best things I've been fortunate enough to experience. ***click on the 1st one and scroll with your mouse to view large*** PS You should definitely check out Erin's amazing art on Instagram @erin_aceous and Matt's awesome farm and LARP costume making life @duzhegroovy