Monday, July 4, 2016

I feel like myself again....

5:22 am, July 3, 2016, Ardrossen, Alberta

I came out of hermit hiding after weeks of isolated art making. My friend Cam and his brother Evan hosted a party at their beautiful home in rural Alberta and I swear this night brought me back to myself. Frog catching, story telling, slip n' sliding, hammock swinging, endless stories and laughter, peeing among the trees in the dark, rain showers, hours of lightning even when the rain had stopped, fairy lights, and most importantly, my beautiful friends and acquaintances, new and old. It was one of those nights where everyone looked and sounded more beautiful than I've seen them before. By 5:30 in the morning just a few of us were left staring into the fire watching the sky lighten, wrapped in blankets or each other's arms. Thank you to everyone who was there to make this night what it was.

P.S. Here's a fantastic article about Vulnerability and Sadness from Jezebel that my dear long distance friend Trish sent me this afternoon: 

pulled over to look at some sheep who promptly ran away
 lost, but still aware of the basic up vs down directions
 my sweet friend didn't have directions but let me pet their nose
 Excuse me, do you know where I am? (turns out I mixed up two numbers in my maps)

I made it! And quickly found more animals to smooch.

Oh gosh. Are you prepared for what you're about to see? The boys got very silly for the camera. I feel like there's a calendar opportunity her. Soapy Summer Slip N' Slide Boyos?

I wish I'd taken photos in the magical fairy lights that evening but it rained off and on and it was just the type of night you want to remember in your mind and mind alone, like a dream you once had.

Some photos of my adorable friends from Canada Day, one day earlier:

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